Signs of Recovery


Sexual and Intimacy Anorexia

1. We develop a deeper relationship with a Power greater than us, trusting we are supported in our efforts to heal ourselves from our sexual, social, spiritual and intimacy anorexia.

2. We learn to accept and love ourselves more and more completely.

3. We take responsibility for our own lives and build relationships in order to live interdependently in the world.

4. We have an increased capacity to trust as a result of our restored faith in a Higher Power.

5. We recognise those with whom it is safe to share, and we avoid risky situations.

6. We heal our low self-esteem, shame and perfectionism and learn to feel more comfortable in connection with others.

7. We accept our mistakes and imperfections are what make us human, while becoming aware of and working through our character defects.

8. We become more connected with and honest about expressing our feelings and emotions and who we really are.

9. We are willing to reach out to others, becoming more trusting and share our vulnerabilities.

10. We develop authentic intimacy in our relationships with ourselves and others.

11. We enjoy exploring our healthy sexuality and respect and value healthy sex as a fully consensual, pleasurable and intimate experience.

12. We are no longer addicted to rejection and we start to receive what we need and want.

13. We are gratefully restored to sanity, on a daily basis, as a result of our willingness to participate in the process of recovery.


Promises of Recovery


Sexual and Intimacy Anorexia

By following the suggestions of this program, a new life will begin to unfold for you. These promises offer a guide and sustenance as this new life emerges. They manifest sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly for all those willing to show up for themselves and this program.

1. We nurture our spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of others.

2. We prioritise selfcare as a necessity in our lives.

3. We pursue interests and activities we enjoy and make our lives fuller and connected.

4. We love and accept ourselves.

5. We appreciate being alone and in connection with others.

6. We relate to others from a state of wholeness.

7. We build real intimacy in our friendships.

8. We have self-respect and respect for others.

9. We expand with self-confidence.

10. We enjoy our healthy sexuality and the intimacy of sex in committed trusting relationships.

11. We have the peace and freedom of a happy life.

12. We experience more joy, intimacy and fulfilment in our relationships with ourselves and other people.

13. Like a bud opening into a flower ALL areas of our lives bloom in God’s timing.

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